Who are we?

The Wooden Stage, or TWS as it is famously known, was created to provide flight to the dreams of every single budding dancer waiting for an opportunity to shine. This thought set the foundation of TWS, a space free of competition but thrives on the drive and passion of students looking to sharpen their skills without punishment or reward. Today, The Wooden Stage is an artistic arena and a performing arts institute for all dancer-enthusiasts alike. 

The Wooden Stage intends to help students discover their true passion and the possibility of movement on the floor & through a vertical apparatus. This will lead students to build a solid mindset that can withstand failures and trials. The institute further emphasizes on creating an atmosphere that ensures students build a strong base and walk each step slowly and gradually. 

This approach is a way to assist budding dancers in reaching their goals and build assurance and self-confidence along the way. Moreover, it alleviates the sense of fear in the performers, enabling them to swing with grace and beauty. This can only be made possible with a non-competitive atmosphere where each student can be themselves without judgement.