Aerial Gymnastics

Shruti and her team are the people you want around your kids. Trust us. They come bearing a winning combination of saint-level patience and tough love, ensuring that children have so much fun while learning new skills and disciplines. 

Each aerial gymnastics class at The Wooden Stage (TWS) begins with a basic Kalaripayattu warm-up (a Kerala martial art) and integrated strength and flexibility exercises. Then comes the real fun part: when kids take turns learning the fundamentals and routines of aerial silk – climbs, inverts, locks, and slides on the aerial fabric – as per their skill level. This class is a great way for kids to explore their creativity and be playful while enhancing general fitness levels. The session ends with a tiny dance routine that adds grace to the child’s fitness vocabulary.

Parents, be rest assured that equipment safety, quality control and instructor background checks are always in place at TWS, and the teachers, with their deep experience and string of international fitness degrees (see our ‘About Us’ section for more), personally supervise classes, ensuring emphasis on proper technique and segregation of students based on the right skill levels.

Icing on the cake for kiddie students: making new friends, being part of a fun fitness community (everyone gets a sunny yellow, blue or purple TWS T-shirt) and being party to the cutest inside jokes in class.   

Age: 5 to 7 years and 8 to 16 years. 

Dress Code

For Aerial Silk: track pants or tights and our fun TWS T-shirts. No shoes and strictly no jewellery and watches to be worn during practice.



    • Year 1
    • Year 2
    • Year 3


    • Year 1
    • Year 2
    • Year 3


    • Year 1
    • Year 2
    • Year 3

Aerial Adults – (16 years and above)

Students will learn the basics of Aerial silk and build a strong foundation. Each student will learn climbs, inverts, locks, and slides on the aerial fabric. Students work in small groups and can practice new moves at their own pace. Classes are a mix of aerial fitness and aerial silks. Class focuses majorly on strength and flexibility.

General Class Information

Small class sizes ensure that each student gets lots of attention. Our batches are designed as per age groups-

5 to 7 years
8 to 16 years.
16 years and above fall into Adult classes