Terms & Conditions


  1. Course fees to be paid before the course starts
  2. Please help us manage the studio by paying on time. If you fail to do so, late payment charges of Rs600/- will be applied per month. Your admission will/may also be forfeited depending on seat availability.

Cancellation & Refund/Deduction to Payment:

  1. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Late coming or missing class:

  1.     Ensure you come on time.
  2.     If you miss any class, there would be no make-up class.


  1.     If you have any query related to class please ping us on whatsapp for a prompt response during office hours: 2:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

  Guidelines for parents:

  1.     Parents are to remain outside of the classroom and are not permitted to enter the classroom for any reason. It is distracting for the student and teacher to have a parent walking in & out of the class. This results in time loss in the lesson for your child. If you need to pick your child early from class please ring the bell and wait to be attended to.
  2.     The Wooden Stage will not be responsible for students once they have finished classes and have left the facility. Students are encouraged to wait inside class for their parents. Kindly pick up your children on time.
  3.     Both parents & students are expected to demonstrate and encourage positive behaviour and attitude. The Wooden Stage is a family oriented environment that aims for the utmost excellence in welcoming, and creating a safe place for students. Please help us keep the studio in such regard.

  Guidelines for students:

  1. NO STREET SHOES allowed on the studio dance floor. Carry a separate pair of dance shoes if needed, please do not wear dance shoes outside, change into them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor and maintain hygiene in the studio (We check your shoes every time you enter).
  2. No jewellery or watches to be worn inside the class.
  3. A decent and dignified behaviour is expected from all students. Once inside the premises, loud speaking, speaking indecent words and practice of other systems are strictly prohibited

  Safety Measures:

  1. We take care of all the safety measures while performing arts, to avoid any accidents. Students are instructed to perform art only under supervision of a trainer to avoid accidents.


Hygiene protocols

Please go through the below hygiene protocols (you will not be allowed to do class if you have missed out on any of the below points)

  1. Carry warm water with lemon+honey+ turmeric in a small flask that doesn’t leak and is easy for children to manage and drink from. Drinking room temperature or cold water in the middle of any physical activity is not recommended as it can give you a cold and cough. If your child doesn’t want turmeric. Please ensure to put honey and lemon. It will also keep them energetic through class.
  2. Carry a napkin as you will be made to wash hands and feet with soap upon entry. (We want to avoid sanitisers on children as much as possible. But when needed we will spray) children between 5 to 8 yrs must learn how to wash their hands and feet on their own. Teacher will be glad to help if need be, but since we will allow less staff in the studio during class, it is best children are equipped to this on their own to save time.
  3. Girls- Wear full bottoms with shorts on top. So full tights with shorts on top. Boys- Ankle length joggers. Girls have to tie their hair neatly, Best to cover it with a scarf or buff (this will help protect hair from breaking as it gets stuck on the silk and while doing gymnastics on floor 😊)
  4. Carry your own yoga mat
  5. If you or anyone in the family is unwell, kindly inform us. And we will do the same incase our trainers or their families fall sick. If the child has a cold or cough please do not come to class and inform us in advance.
  6. Children above 7 yrs please climb up to the 7th floor, this way half your warm up is done and its best to avoid lifts.
  7. We will sanitise all equipment’s time and again, during class.
  8. Windows will be kept open, and a standing fan will be used, incase we feel its hot, we will put on one AC with windows open.
  9. If you’re not coming to class for whatever reason, please do inform us a day prior. Or at least 6 hrs before class. This is important.

If you fail to follow the above you will not be allowed in class. Looking forward to your co-operation.

All the best to all of us. ❤️


I, hereby agree to have understood the above terms & conditions and will abide by the same.